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The long passionate ride Present facts
Polisport’s history began with a bike ride, a big smile on the face, and a homemade production in a garage.
Back in the 80´s, my friends and I used to race for fun, and of course, we were always damaging our bikes and sometimes ourselves.
We liked to have our bikes in good shape, but getting new plastics was, back then, a huge challenge and took more time than we were willing to wait. In one of my summer holidays I got a part-time job so I could earn enough money to buy a bucket of polyester resin. It then cost me the equivalent to 90 euros, but when I managed to earn the money, school had started and the resin had to wait until the Easter holidays.
By the resin was worthless so my only chance was to risk a “mass production” of mudguards and then try to sell them all. The image of 300 hundred mudguards spread all over my garage and garden was priceless.

I got in touch with the stores where I used to buy my plastics, and they were very interested on the products I showed them. The first orders where placed. The business was established.

1978 marked the company’s kickstart building parts for motorcycles. It was with this sort of product that Polisport became an international brand.
In 1988 the first bicycle products came out of the production line. Baby seats came first, with mudguards, water bottles and helmets arriving gradually over the following eight years.

Nowadays, each new project is taken as those memorable bike rides: no matter how much effort it takes, there’s the confidence of ending up with that nice feeling that comes from overcoming a self-challenge.
From the very beginning the company grew by setting high goals and raising them every time.
Along the way Polisport learned, competed, achieved, led and did it all over again a number of times.

Polisport is an international company based on northern Portugal and permanently employing 160 workers. The brand is spread through 62 markets worldwide. Totally focused on the two wheel business, Polisport works for both bicycle and motorbike industries being specialized in plastics.

The main products for the motorbike market are replica plastics for off-road bikes (enduro, motocross and supermoto) but also headlights, hand protectors, body protections and other accessories.

In the bicycle market, Polisport is the leading European producer of baby-seats, setting the standards for the industry. The range of products also includes mudguards, water bottles, helmets and several other accessories.

1978- Founded by Pedro Araújo as a sole trader.
1982 – The sole trader becomes a partnership firm under the name Pedro e Paulo Araújo Plásticos, Lda. and begins the production of plastic mudguards.
1984 – First international exhibition at IFMA Show, Cologne. First exports to the Spanish market.
1988 – Beginning of the production of bicycle baby seats. Polisport acquires a 50% share of Oliveira & Silva, Lda..
1989 – Polisport begins the production of its own molds.
1990 – First mudguards for bicycles.
1991 – First plastic bottles for bicycles. Building and transfer to the current facilities.
1996 – Launching of its own bicycle helmet collection.
1998 – Establishment and application of the Quality Management System according to NP EN ISO 9002
1999 – Polisport becomes a Joint Stock Company
2000 – Launching of the DGP technology (Durable Gloss Polypropylene)
2002 – Launching of the first car baby seat.
2004 – Polisport Group becomes the sole owner of Polinter’s capital.
2005 – Establishment of Marketing, Logistics and IDT departments.
2008 – Polisport wins the first IMDA Award from the Inmold Decoration Association for Best Injection Mold Part
2009 - Polisport wins two IMDA Awards from the Inmold Decoration Association for Best Injection Mold Part and Best IMD Durable Product. Polisport is awarded with an Honorable Mention from COTEC, a Portugal‘s National Innovation System for companies, for being one of the most innovative Portuguese SME.
2010 - Polisport is recognized as the most innovative Portuguese company of Portugal by getting the PME Innovation COTEC-BPI award;
Polisport wins the Portuguese SME Excellence award.
2011 - Polisport wins two IF Design Awards: Product Design for Guppy bicycle baby seat and Material Design for Corky bicycle water bottle.